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Dynamic Keyword Insertion on Google Adwords

If you have been doing Adwords for a while you already know that the most important thing is to write relevant ads. The best way of doing this t is to ensure that the title or other parts of your message contains the keywords for which your ads will show up. If you do this, the keywords will be highlighted in your message and your CTR will be higher.

What if you have thousands of keywords? This is where Dynamic Keyword Insertion comes into play. It is a very powerful but undocumented feature of Google Adwords.

It works kind of like mail merge. You include a tag in your ad, that will be replaced with the actual keyword they were searching for. The format of the tag is this:

Some word {keyword: default text} Rest of the message

An example ad title would be: Buy {keyword:cheap shoes} online

Here's what your ad will look like for different keywords:

 Keyword Ad Shown As
big red shoes Buy big red shoes onlin
white shoes Buy white shoes online
red shoes Buy red shoes online


In case the actual keyword they typed in cannot show the "default text" will replace your keyword tag.
There's one more thing: capitalization of the replaced tag. {keyword:default} will show your keyword in lower case, {KeyWord:default} will capitalize the first letter of each word.

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