rapidkeyword features

The following are some of the powerful features of RapidKeyword. For detailed descriptions and functionality of any of these features please consult the online manual.

Keywords Finders

  • Built-in Overture Keyword Suggestion tool (includes searches/month data)
  • Meta Tag Parser, finds already carefully researched keywords in web pages
  • Find potential keywords on hundreds of relevant webpages
  • Yahoo Related Keywords spider
  • Extract Google Suggest Keywords
  • Powerful typo generator based on 7 different typo formulas
  • Metacrawler related keywords spider

Competition Analyzer

  • Find out how many competing ads are running on Adwords, Overture and Miva for your keywords
  • Sort your keywords by the number of competing ads in Adwords, Overture, or Miva.
  • Find out how many pages are there in Google for your keywords.
  • One click view of live keyword query in Google, Overture or Miva.

Keyword Management Tools

  • Split your keyword lists into smaller files, or a specific number of keywords per file
  • Merge several keyword lists into one list
  • Eliminate duplicates from your keyword lists
  • Filter out keywords that include undesired words or stopwords
  • Remove a list of specific keywords from your master keyword list
  • Wrap keywords for use on Google Adwords (exact, broad and phrase match)
  • Combine word lists to create keyword phrases.

ScratchPad Functionality

  • Automatically clean keyword lists that contain special characters, double linefeeds, multiple whitespaces, etc
  • Regular Expression Find & Replace (Very useful for processing long list of keywords that requires advanced matching)
  • Auto-Save & Load between sessions
  • One-click keyword transport between all keyword tools. (for example you can send a keyword list to the deduplicator or other tools with one click)

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