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How to get more keywords?

When it comes to Adwords high traffic keywords often get hyper competitive. Some keyword bids can easily reach prices higher than $20/click. To stay in the game you need to find those overlooked lower traffic keywords. There are many sources where you can extract keywords from. One of the most popular Keyword tools is Overture's Keyword Suggestion tool. Because of its popularity the keywords you find there are often very competitive both on Adwords and Overture (now Yahoo Search Marketing).

Fortunately there are some better alternatives. One good place to look for the right keywords are the competition's meta tags. Most website have meta tags, and their owners make sure to use the right keywords in them. You can just search for competing sites in Google and check the keywords in meta tags.

There is another very effective way of finding thousands of keywords and that is spidering pages that appear in a search engine. Let's say you have a base keyword: keyword research. Look for pages that have keyword research on them, and when you find a match, see what's before and after. You can then expand your keywords to the left or to the right and find keywords like this: professional keyword research software, keyword research software, keyword research tool, best keyword research software. You get the point.

Our software RapidKeyword does all these for you automatically. It checks your competition's meta tags, it spiders websites to expand your keywords. It also gets data from Overture. By the way, have you ever copied a list of keywords from Overture? It includes the monthly search volume. It takes a while to clean it up. Rapid keyword does it automatically. Download a free trial now and see for yourself.

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