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How to Activate Rapid Keyword
After completing your purchase you will receive and email with your order confirmation, including your Licence Key.

The program will present you with an Product Activation screen (see image below). Please type in your 20 digit activation code and then click the Next button. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet when you do this. The program will connect to our activation server to verify the validity of your License Key.

Please note: Rapid Keyword can only be activated on 1 (one) computer at a time. If for any reason your computer crashes, or you need to use it on a new computer please contact us, and we will decativate the program on your old computer so you can activate it on the new one. Certain hardware changes or Operating System reinstallation will make the program assume that it's installed on a different computer. Please contact us to reactivate the software. There is no charge at any time to activate the program on a new machine.