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Filter your keyword lists
This tool will remove keywords that contain specific words. It's a quick way of getting rid of keywords you don't need.

To enter a list keywords click on the "Manage" tab and then on the "Apply Filter List" link.You have several choice for your keyword source:
  • Paste with Ctrl-V from your clipboard
  • Click on Load and load in your keyword list from a file
  • Enter your keywords one keyword per line
  • You can quickly send here any keyword list already in the program by rightclicking and selecting "Send All keywords to", and then selecting "Filter". This will transfer all your keywords from that tool into the Apply Filter List window.

Next, enter a list of filter words. This will be called your Filter List.

Once you have entered both your keyword lists click on the "Apply Filter List" button. The clean list will be listed under the "Keyword List" window. (see screenshot below). From here you can rightclick and send all your keywords directly into other tools.