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  Find & Replace Function

Find & Replace Function of the ScratchPad
This function is a find & replace similar to the one in notepad but with a powerful twist. It accepts regular expressions for it's input.

To illustrate that let's take a regularly formatted keyword list and turn it into a comma separated keyword list ready for a mata tag list of kerywords.

Click on the "ScratchPad" tab and load your keyword list. Right click and click on "Find & Replace".

At the "Find What" box type in "^p" without the quotes. At the "Replace With" box type in ", " that's comma and a space without the quotes. Now click on the "Replace All" button.

All of your new line characters have been replaced with comma and a space. You now have a commam separated list of your keywords.

The same way you can get rid of numbers by replacing the "^#" meaning a digit with nothing, or an empty character.

You can find all of these expressions by clicking on the "Special" button in the "Find & Replace" window.

If you are working with a "." (dot) make sure you use a "\." (backslash and dot), because in regular expression language "." (dot) means "any character".

You can build many complex replace filter this way to manipulate your keyword lists just the way you want it.

In case you are unable to build an expression to reformat your keywords please contact us and we'll help you out.