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How to find keywords using the "Google Groups Proximity" search method
This tool searches Google Groups (millions of newsgroup discussions on tens of thousands of topics) for the top 100 message for your base keyword, downloads all of these pages and expands your base keyword with words found in their proximity. For example if your base keyword is "spyware removal", this tool will find keywords like: spyware removal software, free spyware removal, spyware removal tool, download spyware removal, etc.
It often returns thousands of keywords, out of which not all of them will be uselful, but this tool is very valuable to expand your base keywords, and to brainstorm new combinations that you may never think of otherwise.

To use this option select the Google Groups Proximity as your keyword source on the "Find" tab(see image below).

A progress bar on the bottom of the window will indicate the progress of the Google Groups Proximity.