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How to Save Analysis results
When the analisys is done you can save the results:

First select the keywords that have and excessive sponsor count and therefore cost more to bid on them. Hold down the Ctrl key to select more keywords at a time, and then click the Delete button or RightClick and Delete Selected Keywords to get rid of those keywords.

Once you have only the keywords that you are interested in, you can do two things:

  • Copy them to the ClipBoard so you can start adding them to your PPC advertising campaigns. To do this, select all the keywords you need, RickClick then click on Copy Selected to Clipboard. Then you can paste them anywhere with Ctrl-V.

  • Save them in a text file for later use. To do this click on the Save button. (see image below)
  • Export them into a CVS file so you can us them in other programs or databases. To do this select the keywords you need and click on the "Export Selected to CSV". (see image below)