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Introduction to ScratchPad
The ScratchPad is a temporary storage for your keywerds. You can keep looking for keywords, without copying them to a document. Just send them to the scratchpad. Sending a list of keywords to teh ScratchPad is an additive operation, meaning it will add the keywords to teh existing list, and it will not overwrite the existing one.

From the ScratchPad you can rightclick and send your keywords to any other tool in the program. Never forget to rightclick and use the "Send keywords to" feature. It saves you a lot of Copy and Paste operations, making it easy to navigate between all the keyword tools.

The ScratchPad also provides a coupe, of very useful functionalities: Automatic Keyword List Cleaner and the Regular Expression powered Find & Replace function.

Using these tools will make you lightning fast at building and managing huge keyword lists.