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How to select a search method
To find keywords follow these steps:
  • Click on the "Find" tab
  • Enter your Base Keyword (a keyword you would like to expand)
    Instead of working with a signle base keyword you can enter a list of keywords by clicking on button located on the right side of the Base Keyword entry box.
    When working with a keyword list the base keyword entry box will display: "USING KEYWORD LIST".

  • Select a Search Method where to look for keywords:
    • Oveture Suggestion Tool: It uses Overture's Keywords Selector.
    • Meta Tag Spider: Searches for the keyword in search engines and returns the keywords from meta tags of top positioned web pages. You will get many unrelated keywords but it will also return a lot of useful ones.
    • Related Keywords Spider: Spiders Metacrawlers for related keywords.
    • Yahoo Related Keywords: Spiders Yahoo for related keywords (excellent source)
    • Google Proximity Search: Spiders websites that have top positions for your base keyword, and expands your base keywords based on that data.
    • Google Groups Proximity: Same as above, but spiders the Google Groups archive of millions of messages. Returns lots of keywords
    • Google Keyword Suggestion: This tool uses Google's autocomplete service which suggests keywords as you type.

  • Click on the Find button and wait until it finishes. A progress bar on the bottom of the window will indicate the progress of the search.