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Generate Common Typos and Misspellings
This is a very valuable tool to generate misspelled keywords. Type in your base keyword(s). Select the typo generation method and click the "Generate Typos" button.

Here's what each of the seven Typo generators do:

Common misspellings: It generates frequently made spelling errors like 'ie' inestead of 'y', its instead of it's, missing and e at the end of the word. The common mistake database originates from research done on millions of newsgroup messages.

Transposed Letters: When typing fast many times you inadvertently mix up the order of two letters for example you type "teh" instead of "the".

Missing letters: When one of the letters are missing in the keyword, like "keword" instead of "keyword"

Transposed word boundary: When the last letter of the first word ends up as the first letter of the second. This is also a common typo mistake, most often the result of mixing up the order of letters with the space bar when typing. For example "typ ogenerator" instead of "typo generator".

Keyboard Errors: When you mix up two adjacent letters on the keyword for example the "a" and the "s".

Double strikes: When one key is pressed twice by mistake resulting in a double letter instead of a single one.

Letter Substitutions: When for an unknown reason a letter is substituted with another one. For example "tupo" instead of "typo".

It has been proven that ads shown on typos have the highest conversion rates, especially when using the advertised product's name as a keyword.