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Google Adwords Keyword Wrapping

When you set up your campaigns it is very important to target the right keywords. Adwords has 3 different match types: broad match, phrase match and exact match.

Here's what each of those keywords do:
Broad match: matches any search that includes all of your keywords in any order.
Phrase match: matches any search that includes all of your keywords in the same order.
Exact match: matches your exact keyword.

Many people use just simple broad matching. Exact and phrase matched keywords have priority over broad match, so if your competitor uses exact match, and you use broad match, his ad will be showing instead of yours, because his keyword is more specific.

To gain an edge over your competition you need to wrap your keywords for all three possible match types. For example let's take the keyword: keyword research.

broad match: keyword research
phrase match: "keyword research"
exact match: [keyword research]

If you have many keywords it can become a nightmare to wrap all your keywords in square brackets and quotes. Rapid Keyword saves you time by wrapping your keywords automatically. Paste your keywords, select the match types you need and you get your wrapped keyword list almost instantly. Download a trial version and see for yourself.

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