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Typos, Common misspellings and Conversion

According to research typos account to 12-20% of all searches typed into search engines.

The three major benefits of adwertising with misspelled keywords:Higher Click-Through-Rates
Higher Sales Conversions, Less competition, higher ROI.

Many search engines already recognize misspelled keywords and suggest the correct spelling, however these typos can be targeted with pay-per click advertising. There is a very good chance that if someone is looking for the product your are advertising their eye will catch your ad, as search engines are most likely not serving up what they were actually looking for.

There is one thing to look out for. There are many typo generators out there. Many of them just replace characters randomly in your keywords. This may work, but you will quickly run out of keyword space in your Adwords account if you generate thousands of typos just for one keyword.

RapidKeyword's typo generator is based on research conducted on millions of newsgroup posts. It will generate common misspellings. Common is key word here. You will end up with typos that people actually search for.

Typos convert exceptionally well! Here's the empirical proof:

How would you like to pay $1 to make three sales of $18 each? Try RapidKeyword's typo generator.

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